Construction Equipment Operator-(Discount Package)

Crawler Dozer Operator

Crawler Dozer Operator

Next Intake : Aug 8, 2024
Duration : 30 Days
Course Price : LKR 74,500.00

Course Content

Course Includes

 National Certificate at NVQ Level 3 in the occupation of Construction Equipment

Operator (Crawler Dozer) will be awarded to those who are competent in unit 01 –


 National Certificate at NVQ Level 4 in the occupation of Construction Equipment

Operator (Crawler Dozer)-advance functions will be awarded to those who are

competent in unit 02 – F45S008Q8L4

Learning Content

 Read and interpret the operator’s manual

 Functions of the crawler dozer

 Dozing techniques (slot dozing, strudel dozing, side by side dozing)

 Ripping techniques

 Stockpiling methods

 Compacting soil using crawler dozer

 Methods of leveling and compacting

 Access road features

 Backfilling

 Methods of marking levels

 Cutting techniques

 Limitations of the crawler dozer

 Safety aspects related to the working in elevated areas

 Road features

 Safety aspects related to demolishing

 Local rules and regulations

 Hazardous materials

 Cleaning methods

 Hour meter

 Terrain conditions

 Features of the ramp

 Methods of loading

 Machine specification

 Tightening methods

 Standard signals

 Methods of unloading

 secure methods



- Introduction to the machine and principle components

- Safety precautions Periodic maintenance and inspection of Crawler Dozer

- Assessing of ground conditions and site hazard prior to site operation

- Explain Basic design and function of

-Inter Combustion Engine

-Cooling System

-Lubricating System

-Vehicle Electrical System

-Breaking System

-Transmission System

-Fuel System

-Hydraulic System



- Front Dozing

- Back Dozing

- Leveling Ground

- Prepare Roads

- Prepare Cambered Roads

- Prpare Road side Drain Lines

- Slope Ground

- Stockpiling

- Ripering

- Load machine on to plant mover

- Unload machine from plant mover



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