Construction Equipment Operator-(Discount Package)

Forklift Truck (FLT)  Operator

Forklift Truck (FLT) Operator

Next Intake : Jul 22, 2024
Duration : 2 weeks
Course Price : LKR 50,000.00

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hightec Lanka Special Offer

Course Content

Course Includes


-Serviceses & Maintaance

-Operate Forklift(Auto/Manual/Electric)


Learning Content

Packaging for National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ)

National Certificate at NVQ Level 03 in the occupation of Heavy Vehicle Operator will be awarded to those who are competent in units U01 + U02 + U05 + BU1+BU2+BU3+BU4 –I63S002Q2L

**Mandatory Subject**

1. Maintain documents and review licensee & certificates I63S002U0

2. Perform inspection and maintenance I63S002U02

3. Operate Fork Lift Truck (FLT) I63S002U05

**Optional Subject**

4. Practice workplace communication and interpersonal relations I63S002BU1

5. Apply Workplace Literacy and Numeracy I63S002BU2

6. Work in Teams I63S002BU3

7. Practice occupational health and safety procedures in a workplace I63S002BU4

Forklift Truck


- All classes of forklift trucks

- Load chart

- Organizational procedures

- Cargo handling symbols

- Special attachments

- Load center assessment/ load distribution on forks

- Occupational Health & Safety Procedures (OHS)

- Structure and functions of forklift

- Ground and Terrain condition of the work site

- Capacity and dimensions of the machine

- Methods of Maintaining stability of the forklifts in various operating conditions

- Methods of correct load handling procedure

- Periodic Maintenance And Inspection Of Construction Equipment

- Explain Basic Design And Function Of:

- Diesel & Petrol Engine / Electric System

- Lubricating System/ Cooling System

- Vehicle Electrical System/Breaking System

- Transmission System/Fuel System/Hydraulic System


- Attend to periodic maintenance

- Follow organizational procedures

- Read instruction manuals

- Identify abnormalities of the machines

- Safe operation of the machine

- Follow reporting procedure of accidents

- Read indicators and gauges /Check fluid level

- Visual check of lift chain

- Check tire condition/Check wheel nuts

- Adjust forks and ensure lock pins are properly engaged

- Carry Out Pre & Post Start Checks

- Travel And Maneuver The Machine Employing

- Loading & Unloading Stacks

- Deliver Loads On To Structures

- Loading & Unloading To (form) A Lorry/Racks

- Traveling With Long Transverse Load Through Narrow Entrance

- Traveling with Liquid containers

- Traveling with hanging load

- Align & fixing Palette by palette(Hard box palette)

- Loading In To Plant Transport

Forklift Truck


Hightec Lanka has recognized and awarded by the international organizations for the quality management and trainings. Hightec has implemented the quality tools recommended by the ISO 9001:2015 process. especially in heavy equipment operator traning.

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