Construction Equipment Operator-(Discount Package)

Prime mover Operator(Driver)

Prime mover Operator(Driver)

Next Intake : Jul 22, 2024
Duration : 14 days
Course Price : LKR 50,000.00

Hightec Lanka Special Offer

Auto & Manual transmission Training with Bed /Trailer & 40 Feet Container

hightec Lanka Special Offer

Course Content

Course Includes

Packaging for National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ Level-04)

National Certificate at NVQ Level 04 in the occupation of Heavy Vehicle Operator will be awarded to those who are competent in units U01 + U02 + U07 + BU1+BU2+BU3+BU4 –I63S002Q5L4

Learning Content

**Mandatory Subject**

1. Maintain documents and review licensee & certificates I63S002U01

2. Perform inspection and maintenance I63S002U02

3. Operate prime movers & trailers I63S002U07

**Optional Subject**

4. Practice workplace communication and interpersonal relations I63S002BU1

5. Apply Workplace Literacy and Numeracy I63S002BU2

6. Work in Teams I63S002BU3

7. Practice occupational health and safety procedures in a workplace I63S002BU4

Prime Mover

- Knowledge

- Introduction to prime mover with trailer

- Vehicle Maintenance

- Lubrication System

- Fuel System

- Indicators

- Cooling System

- Electrical System

- Steering System

- 09 Speed Transmission system

- Breaking System/Air System

- Tyres Maintenance

- Monthly Service

- Running Repairs

- Skills

- Introduction to Safety

- Prime Mover with Trailer operating System

- Connecting procedure

- Disconnecting Procedure

- Fifth Wheel Locking System

- Fifth Wheel Maintenance

- How to operator the 09 speed transmission

- Heavy Vehicle driving techniques

- Vehicle towing

- Dail Inspection

- Loading/Unloading-Locking System

- Vehicle Fault

- Reversing of Prime mover with trailer

- Inline

- R-Turn

Prime Mover


Hightec Lanka has recognized and awarded by the international organizations for the quality management and trainings. Hightec has implemented the quality tools recommended by the ISO 9001:2015 process. especially in heavy equipment operator traning.

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